Monday, October 12, 2015

Life of a Homeschooler
Chapter 4

          Hello readers, this is the author, Oswaldo Alan Graf. In this chapter and others to come we will be introducing the members of my family household. I shall write down what they have to say about homeschooling. In this chapter, we have my brother Joshua Anthony Graf. Here is his response~~~~~~ " I love homeschooling because we are free to do what we can't do in public school such as use laptops, reading the bible, cursive writing, learn to use word processors, use YouTube for leaning, Christian music, and Spanish learning videos. I also love full-time RVing because it is fun. we travel to learning centers,museums, and when we are good, we get to watch a movie. This is what I love bout full-time RVing. We also go to the bay-shore on every second Friday of every month and learn about the shore around Port Norris, New Jersey. This is what I love about homeschooling. God Bless!

Oswaldo Alan Graf
Joshua Anthony Graf

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