Monday, October 12, 2015

Life of a Homeschooler
Special Article

Soft Serve Clementine Ice Cream

          Yes, you heard it right. I had invented a way to make Clemetine ice cream in soft serve!!! Here are the ingredients:

  • Zest from one clementine
  • Five clementines,peeled
  • Two cups cream
  • Two cups milk
  • One teaspoon vanilla extract
  • One- half cup of sugar or brown sugar for a caramelized taste 
  • A blender
  • Two liter Tuperware                                                              

Get out your blender and put in all six ingredients in order. Then, blend for about 2 minutes. Next, you shall pour the blend into a two liter Tuperware, covered and let freeze overnight in a freezer. DO NOT open the Tuperware or oxygen will get into the soft serve. When you are ready to use the soft serve, just scoop them out into a bowl, but if it is a bit hard let sit for a bit to thaw out.

Life of a Homeschooler
Chapter 4

          Hello readers, this is the author, Oswaldo Alan Graf. In this chapter and others to come we will be introducing the members of my family household. I shall write down what they have to say about homeschooling. In this chapter, we have my brother Joshua Anthony Graf. Here is his response~~~~~~ " I love homeschooling because we are free to do what we can't do in public school such as use laptops, reading the bible, cursive writing, learn to use word processors, use YouTube for leaning, Christian music, and Spanish learning videos. I also love full-time RVing because it is fun. we travel to learning centers,museums, and when we are good, we get to watch a movie. This is what I love bout full-time RVing. We also go to the bay-shore on every second Friday of every month and learn about the shore around Port Norris, New Jersey. This is what I love about homeschooling. God Bless!

Oswaldo Alan Graf
Joshua Anthony Graf
Life of a Homeschooler
Chapter 3

          Sundays are fundays. Why? Because on Sunday I give praise and glory to God Almighty. Many homeschoolers do in fact, happen to be Christians themselves. I love Sundays because I learn from a good and God-fearing pastor, Mark E. Willey of Fellowship Community Church in Mt.Laurel, New Jersey. Today's sermon was about the actual meaning of the usage of prayer. In the message, prayer should always include adoration, confession, thanksgiving, and of course, supplication. These we call be a short acronym (A.C.T.S). Also, at 5:30 P.M. I am a youth leader in a program which we cal' "FUSE". In the program, we teach children from kindergarten to the 6th grade. We teach them how to obey, live righteously, and how to interact with others. We do a lesson, a memory verse for 5-6th grade, and afterwards, a leader-guided activity. The activities include dodge-ball, gaga, sharks and minnows, and whatever we find fun for that particular day. This is why Sundays are Fundays. God Bless!

Oswaldo Alan Graf

Sunday, October 11, 2015

Life of a homeschooler
Chapter 2

            In our family routine in the morning, we do many things. First, we have a bit of breakfast. Who wouldn't, right? Then we do a little program called Xtramath. On Xtramath, we do timed exercises in addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. The program helps with timing and proficiency. Next, we gather round the living room and watch a show called, CNN Student News. The television show is a ten minute broadcast of commercial-free current events. On the show, the anchor, Carl Azuz, randomly selects a public or home school name out of the roll call transcript page on 

Then, in the last few minutes of the broadcast, Carl Azuz cracks about as many puns as possible that relates to the previous news feed. Lastly, all of us work on a free home school website called

On this site, we select our current grad level and work our way through until we pass into the next grade.Currently, I am working on the English 8 portion of the website because of my poor grammar skills. When we are done, we are free to entertain ourselves. I entertain myself by playing my banjo and harmonica, then I would practice my writing and write this blog here. I look foward to writing more. The next chapter is about why sundays are fundays. God Bless!

Oswaldo Alan Graf

Saturday, October 10, 2015

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Life of A Homeschooler 
Part 1

                 I am a child of a single parent. Some believed it almost impossible for a single mom to handle at least 9 children by themselves. Boy are they wrong. My mother had never failed to handle many children in her entire lifetime. The reason? A relationship with God and with our brother, Christ Jesus. Christians find unique ways to cope with life struggles such as rage,anger, codependency, fear of man, greed, envy, and hate. As a home-schooler, I get to learn what I want to learn by Unschooling, the act of teaching yourself what you want to learn, and at your own pace. Why do we home-schoolers chose home school over public school? One reason is that we have all the time in the world. In public schools, however, students are fearful of what others would think about them if they love certain subjects that others do not, hence my mention of fear of man. People generally try to do things pleasing to others around themselves. I, myself, was like this. Before I became a Christian, I tried my best to fit in with the crowd. I failed because I was different then everyone around me. 

As a Christian, I stood out before others at my school, but also, I was rejected by others. I forgive them, however, because Christ had forgiven me.

As a home-schooler, I get many benefits. I am able to go to college early, get jobs, and go to many fun and exciting places such as Six Flags.

I moved to this home shortly before my eighteenth birthday. If it had not been done so, I would have been living with my father in San Antonio, Texas and would be working as a construction worker under the sun everyday. Luckily, that had not happened and I will be able to be successful in life. I had in fact, been the first to go to college in my biological bloodline! A great success.

On my next chapter I will lead you through my life as a day to day experience. I hope you are well and I wish to see many comments on what you think of this blog, God Bless!!,

Oswaldo Alan Graf 

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